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Better than an smartphone in so many ways

Better Accuracy

Connects to the internet for access to robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies for highly accurate translations.

Better Battery

Seven hours of usage or up to ten days in sleep mode. Press the power button to quickly put Pocketalk to sleep and preserve battery charge.

Better Speed

Works with WiFi, mobile data*, or personal hotspot.

*Pocketalk Voice Translator with Built-In Data comes with TWO year free cellular in over 120 countries. No monthly subsciption fees!

Better microphones.

Speak the way you normally do. Dual microphones with noise cancellation pick up your every word.

Better Speakers

Pocketalk keeps the conversation loud and clear—in an office, noisy café, or outdoors — with two built-in speakers.

Better Design

Simple interface for easy two-way conversations.


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